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No. of Water Harvesting Structures created

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No. of Water Harvesting Structures renovated

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Area brought under Afforestation / Agriculture/ Pasture etc.

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Area brought under Horticulture (in ha.)

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Area of Degraded Land treated (in ha.)

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Rainfed Area developed (in ha.)

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Area brought from nil to single crop or double or more crop (in ha.)

  • Kindly attention to all SLNA Users: Kindly update your SLNA State Profile till 15 May 2023 .
  • Kindly attention to all PIA Users: Confirm your all PFMS transaction report PF-3, If there is any discrepancy then send us on support-wdcpmksy@nic.in
  • Kind Attention to All PIAs : Enter quarterly target for each project.
  • Kindly attention to all Users: After mapping of PFMS transactions, map these transactions with the Work Id's of the mapped project.
  • Kind Attention to Arunachal Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh : Check PFMS transaction and map with the Project Code.
  • Kind Attention to All PIAs : Generate work-id for EPA, Production System and Livelihood Activities.
  • Kind Attention to All Users : Kindly mapped all the PFMS transaction with the respective project.
  • Kind Attention to All Users : Kindly find Frequently asked Questions available on the top menu.
  • Kind Attention to All PIAs : All ground water table data has been unfreezed. To add water quality data, kindly resubmit the ground water details.
  • Kind Attention to All PIAs : Kindly crosscheck the data of Plotwise baseline survey before freezing. It has been observed that some data of Plotwise is not filled correctly. Therefore all the data is in unfreeze state.
  • Kind Attention to All PIAs : Kindly map the watershed committees with villages again, in case project location was completed.
  • Kind Attention to SLNA MIS Co-ordinator : Kindly register your SLNA (Two times) to get user id / pwd for SLNA and SLNA Admin account. Kindly send registration no. to support-wdcpmksy@nic.in for the activation of your account. The format of email should be Registration-id (SLNA), Registration-id (SLNA-Admin)
  • Kind Attention to SLNAs : All the data related to WDC-PMKSY 2.0 projects would be entered on http://wdcpmksy.dolr.gov.in
  • Kind Attention to PIAs : Register your self as PIA & send the registration id to your SLNA for activation of your account. Kindly send project name to SLNA also which has been allocated to you.
  • Kind Attention to WCDCs : Kindly register your WCDC (only one time) to get user id / pwd for your account. Kindly send your registration no. through E-mail to support-wdcpmksy@nic.in for the activation of your account.
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बिहार में भूमि संरक्षण योजनाओं से बदली किसानों की तकदीर

Watershed Development Component of PMKSY 2.0

The Department has been implementing a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) ‘Integrated Watershed Management Programme’ (IWMP) since 2009-10, which was amalgamated as the Watershed Development Component of PMKSY (WDC-PMKSY) in 2015-16. The continuation of WDC-PMKSY has been allowed by Government of India on 15.12.2021 as ‘WDC-PMKSY 2.0’ for the project period of 2021-2026 with a physical target of 49.50 lakh ha and indicative Central financial outlay of Rs. 8,134 crore. The unit cost of projects has been revised upward from Rs 12,000/ha to Rs 22,000/ha for plain areas, and Rs 15,000/ha to Rs 28,000/ha for the difficult areas and LWE areas. The States/UTs have been asked to use GIS and Remote Sensing techniques for better planning of projects. The States/UTs have also been suggested to map activities from other sectors which could be taken up within the project areas for better convergence in a saturation mode. The project period has been reduced from existing 4 - 7 years to 3 - 5 years. On the recommendations of NITI Aayog, rejuvenation of Springshed has been incorporated as a new activity in the WDC-PMKSY 2.0 within the approved cost. Till date DoLR has sanctioned projects to States/UTs covering entire physical target of land under the WDC-PMKSY 2.0 and the process of release of Central grant is under way.   readmore

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